Award winning cloud based solution

When launched the Backend received the Microsoft Product of the Year award.
All the data from the usage of the bikesharing system and settings of bike sharing HW & SW are stored in the cloud database hosted on Microsoft servers which guarantees an extremely high availability, security and reliability of the system.

Real-Time Comunication

The Data, gathered from stations, registration & payment terminals, frontend and mobile apps in real time through web services or in the case of stations, through mobile GSM internet connection, are sent to the backend TKHS system.

Unique functions & High flexibility

There are many options of customizing the appearance of SW & HW and also the functionality.
And every 3 months we upgrade all the bike sharing systems to the latest version of the software, fee of charge.

Operation Web App


  • absolute control over the system ...
    customers, rentals & payments,
    service data, HW&SW settings
  • secure connection and certificates
  • detailed operational statistics
  • extensive flexible tariff module
  • SMS & e-mail sending module
  • logging, remote control,
    detailed settings of HW & SW
  • service module
    for maintenace management
  • bikes redistribution module

Website, Mobile Website


  • CMS providing absolute control over the content & design
  • on-line map showing station occupancy,
    navigation to nearest station/dock
  • user account with statistics, history of rentals & payments
  • tariff subscription or reactivation,
    on-line payments
  • SMS & e-mail notifications
  • reference links & bonus credits,
  • full integration with social media
  • e-bike profile settings

Android, iOS, Win

mobile apps

  • super-fast NFC rentals
  • rentals via external bike lock
  • e-bike profile settings
  • real-time map of station occupancy with navigation
  • nearest bikes or parking docks
    search engine
  • user account with statistics,
    history of rentals & payments
  • tariff subscription or reactivation
  • secured on-line payments


service app

  • simple & easy to use
  • service tasks management
  • register of spare parts
  • GPS based assistant
  • QR or barcode evidence
  • real-time service map
  • operational notifications