Based on the number of rentals per bike and day, HOMEPORT's systems in Poland are among the best in Europe.
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HOMEPORT system in Bydgoszcz - very successful project in Poland, a record number of rentals,
more rentals than other bike-sharing systems with much more bicycles and stations.
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HOMEPORT system in Liverpool has 160 stations and 1000 bikes in the streets.
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Why you should have bike-sharing in your city ?

  • Ecological means of transport

    by cycling you don't contribute to traffic and air pollution
    you also don't waste time looking for a parking place
  • Non-stop operation

    system is unattended and ready for use
    365 days a year 24 hours a day
  • City for people

    healthy city without cars and exhaust emissions
    fast, cheap and ecological means of transport
  • Healthy lifestyle

    cycling is one of the healthiest sports
    even a short trip by bicycle helps keep the body fit

Currently working on ...

Why you should have HOMEPORT bikesharing ?

  • Solution that you need

    fully customized and flexible system
    the entire system is powered by solar panels
  • Easily adapt to any location

    modular station construction
    minimum of ground work = minimal distortion of the terrain
  • Be successful it's easy

    easy and quick registration and rental,
    within a minute you are riding a bike !
  • Modern technology

    we use the model of Software as a Service,
    which assures high security and 99,99% availability

HOMEPORT bikesharing
systems in the world

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Liverpool, United Kingdom

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Reading, United Kingdom

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Lincoln, United Kingdom

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Oxford, United Kingdom

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Northampton, United Kingdom

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Dumfries, United Kingdom

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Nottingham, United Kingdom

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Southport, United Kingdom

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Koper, Slovenia

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Prague - Karlin, Czech Republic

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

La Rochelle, France

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Bielsko Biala, Poland

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Szcecin, Poland

HOMEPORT bike-sharing

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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HOMEPORT system ?


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